sunnuntai 13. heinäkuuta 2014

All I want to do is watch all their movies

Where to begin this one. Urm, yeah maybe I should just start writing, text will come or better way to say it: words will come.
They always come, I just have to write and keep my mind empty while writing. I can not think anything while writing because then I would forget what was I writing. I almost write here that I have very good example but no, no I do not have. One for sure is that I just get two messages for whatsapp, but I have ignore them or I will forget what I was writing. So now I am totally focused with this one. And it means that I can write listen music or watch through the car window and I can not forget what was I writing. The mood is perfect. Yes, I do have moods for writing too, if you do not have the right mood you just can not write. I have moods for like everything. Haha, well not exactly, but almost.
Just like I have mood for watching movies. And this is great
moment to go my subject: actors.

I like lot of actors, but sometimes I have these days that there's one acfor stuck in my mind and I just want to watch his/her movies all day long. Well yesterday and today there have two actors stuck in myind. Robert Downey Jr. and Rupert Grint and that means movie time all the time. Well almost, come on! Think how many movies Robert have or Rupert. Well Rupert do not have that much movies than Robert. But still. It would take days to watch all of Roberts movies.
And honestly this sucks sometimes, because you want to do something else but you can't focus.

Okay well I do not remember when I was first introduced for Robert by my friend. It seems to ling time ago. I do not even remember what was the first movie from him that I saw, but obviously I liked it alot. Nowdays actors just don't stuck in my mind often or badly or whatnot. But I think that Robert is very good actor. And he seems funny, I can't say how funny he really is because I don't know him. Or how perfect he is or if he is perfect at all. I like him and that is enough for me. Well yeah he is also good looking. But yeh I have like him longer than Rupert.
And then rupert. Well I have not exactly seen him before Half-Blood prince or Deathly Hallows. Yes he is all the potter movies but I just have not seen him. I like him also a lot and think that he is good looking too.
So yeah all I want to do is watch all their movies and nothing else, but I just can't watch day after day movies. I have to do something else too, yeh sure I like those guys, but... I do have a life. But maybe I should just enjoy the time I have and watch as much movies as I want to.


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