tiistai 19. elokuuta 2014

RIP Robin Williams

What could be worst way to start your morning? To pick up your smart phone to check your Facebook profile and read something maybe not so interesting, when you see something you really can't believe is true. You jump out of your bed, start looking up things more and bang! It hits you with so much force that you don't know are you able to breathe for a while. You feel how your tears are burning in your eyes, how the tears are running down your cheek and you just can't stop crying. You can't stop tears running out of your eyes.

 This morning was the second worst day of my life. I won't tell you what is the first one, because that is not the case right now. This all just feels so bizarre, unbelieveable and the most what I feel is sadness. It was a quite shock to read about it. Still I can't believe it, it's all around in SOME, but still.

It was like yesterday that I watched The Flubber or Jumanji. Or some other movie where he's acting. I can remember the lines when I see the movies. I really liked him alot. He is the man ( actor ) from my childhood, and his movie really touched me. I'm gonna be sad but I'm still going straight ahead for something. We're all will miss him alot. We lost such a great actor 110814 (11.08.2014) RIP Robin Williams, big hugs for his family.
Flubber - Maailman Mahtavin Mönjä



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