tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

"Be enthusiastic, more motivated, determined ... - and time will be kind for you :) "

If someone told me several months ago that I’d go to Finland for one year, I’d only smile at it. But our future is so full of surprises, you never know what will happen in a second. But reality is that I am doing my EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Turku, working as a Youth worker in Paattinen Youth House.

Why exactly Finland? Be honest, I didn’t have a right answer before coming here. Finland is quite faraway from Georgia, different culture and traditions- life-style, strict climate. But life is a challenge, we should use all the possibilities all the chances given by our life. Sometimes life is more interesting if you put yourself to the test.

What exactly I mean in differences between Georgia and Finland? Let’s leave political and economical issues J I’ll try to explain more practical and funny things I have already faced here:

  1. Taking shoes off inside the buildings was so strange for me. If someone asks the guest to take off the shoes in Georgia, it will be very impolite.
  2. Women bus drivers - you will never see even one woman bus driver in Georgia J yet
  3. Bicycles are not used as a kind of transportation in my country, just for fun (Hobby).
  4. People are more talkative, friendly and close in Georgia. Friends like to hug to each other every day when they are meeting : )
  5. No Hesburgers (in every corner of the street) but McDonald’s :)
  6. Pircings are not popular like in Finland (an earrings for men) :)

After 5 months living in Turku I guess that I have done perfect decision choosing Finland: feeling of safety, honest, reliable people, always ready to help me and never lazy to smile, fascinating nature- maybe I found my inspiration in Finland :)

EVS really gave me a chance to get more experienced, to build up a huge network of contacts (friends), to make my life more interesting, full of adventures and surprises.

P.s. I hope rest 5 months will be more interesting for me and sunny of course… ))))))))))))

- Nino

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