lauantai 7. huhtikuuta 2012

Hyvää päivää or Laba diena

I came to Finland 5th of September. It was still warm, sunny, nice weather… I remember how exited I was! New people every day ,so many different names, new city, my apartment. I cannot even explain how happy I was ! At the same week I had a chance to participate (unfortunately only for one day) in the youth exchange between Armenia and Finland. Again new culture, new point of view, absolutely different lifestyle… That’s what youth exchanges are about, I wish all of you would experience that feeling !!!
After that (FINALLY) I went to see my work place. I remember my co-workers were so shy and super duper afraid of their (better then mine) English. It is finnish culture. Now I know :D It takes time to get to know people in here. You will not become friends in a week or month. You should gain their trust and take it slowly. Before coming here I heard that if you make friends – he/she will be your friend forever. I truly believe in that !
What else I want to say about EVS ? For me it is year of breaking stereotypes. But to agree or not you should experience yourself! I enjoy every day of my volunteering in Finland. And I believe that if I am here – it is my destiny. I met great people, I’ve seen astonishing places. I wish this year will never end… And I am sure I will never forget it!
If you have any questions for me feel free to ask, I would be more then happy to encourage or somehow help to make a step of your EVS path!
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- Justina

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