tiistai 7. tammikuuta 2014

You only hear the music when your heart begins to break...

It's over half year ago, when I read the shocking news about my favourite band. In that half year I can put happiness, sadness, madness almost every feeling you can even imagine or have. But these past four months have been great and all right! I'd hope more but that job which maybe ended today. As anything else in this world, also this depends on money can I continue the job...
But back to the main thing.

It was almost end of the week when I got in my hands the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Metal Hammer- magazine full of My Chemical Romance! All you can dream of and then it's front of your eyes, what have you done or said to get it? Is this dream or what?, You think once or twice. All the songs fills your mind, you can't think of anything else than that what you are seeing. The magazine, only with My Chemical Romance interviews and more. This is my Christmas! And next thing you notice you're thinking is a Christmas song, because of hppiness.
 Maybe I can now have the reason why? Oh, I can't wait for that moment.
And then when you have the time to look at it a bit, you see that there's nothing, I mean nothing or anything about the reason why. And that if something also brings the tears in your beautiful eyes. Also that you know that piece of magazine will be the only one and the last one what you'll ever gonna get about the band. And that moment, brings memories in your nor songs playing in your little head, filling your mind and your heart with magic and love.
All at once in your little mind, how much can you take? How longer you can take this? Or how in the world can you deal with this again? Do you have to go through this again? How your mind could process this all? And trying to think happy thoughts and that they quitted when they were at the top of the world; the right time to end all of it.

The magazine; there's all from the very start to the day 22th March, this year, when everything ended. Everything you need to know about them, everything about their albums, videos, songs, everything and more. 131 pages is a dream which came true. And that's not all, 12 posters of them and one sticker pack. I myself don't much care about the sticker pack, but it's okay plus for that MCR package, I think.

Tears are rolling again all over my face, did I really deal this thing yet? Or is it just tears of joy? Could I ever be happy again, the same way I was before they quit? Or is it just the truth, that this is really the end, they are not coming back, or are they? They are not coming back to Finland to throw a concert. Or does truth just hurts this much that you're always crying after them, even you know it won't get them back? All the feelings are in mind again; happiness, sadness, anger, love, all the power the music gave me; all mixed together.

 But at least I have their music with me forever. "Your memory will carry on"- My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
And no matter what, I moved on with a thing and here I am. Still alive even they quitted; I don't deny that don't hurt a bit, no. It still breaks my heart, and it will be... Broken. No one can't fix it; it wont' never be complete again. 

 The magazine and some kind of case where the magazine were.

I guess you could say this a goodbye-to-the-my-chemical-romance-magazine or something.
I moved on and I'm happy about it that I really did it, I'm proud fan of MCR; or should I say a loyal fan of MCR? Well, what ever, their music will carry on. I don't know if there's anything what to say, I could just talk and talk and talk about this subject forever even no one to listen. Is it worth it then anymore?

One thing what matters to me is that I love their music forever, I won't forget them or their music, and I'm such a proud fan, I can hope till the end of the world that they'd be back some day and they did the right thing when they quitted then when they were at the top of the world.
They did some difference to this world, they change the world.

So long and goodnight.


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