tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Runoja Nepalista

Turun Tyttöjen Talon Blogi sai ihania runoja kahdelta tytöltä Nepalista:

I don’t want a big house.

But a small cottage.

When my dreams could come true.

I don’t want sick

Way of living but an ordinary

Life where people are much happier

I don’t want selfish

Love for a month as a year

But true one for my whole life

I don’t wish full all

My dream but just want to make

My parents dream fulfill.

Name: Lopshang

Age: 14

There are a lot of stars up in the sky

People says they become stars after they die

So I always look at the stars and talk with them thinking that’s you

Sometimes I fell really lonely and I feel like dieing and come and join with u

But whatever, mom always

Be with me and always listen my worries and look down at me

I will always love you and miss you

If you were alive I wish I could even hug and kiss you

Name: Mehaki

Age: 14